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If you are interested in commissioning me, contact me through the social media links here.


- Illustration work is paid for after the work has been completed. (Other categories, such as sketches and animated icons, can be paid beforehand.)
- Payment is done strictly through PayPal.
- Accepting USD only.
- Tips are not necessary, but are greatly appreciated!

Refund policy

Due to payment being completed after the work is completed, I do not accept refunds. However, a customer is allowed to cancel at any time.

I will NOT draw

- 18+/Pornographic content, including fetishes.
- Any political messages or commentary.
- Any form of hate speech.
- Harmful content of any kind.

Even if not listed here, I may decline your request if it is something I am not comfortable illustrating.

Terms of Service

Before commissioning, please read the Terms of Service.

These terms of services only apply during the process of creating.
Any violations of these terms of services will terminate the commission with a refund,
depending on the situation.
No progress pictures may be kept for personal use until full commission in finished.
(you will be updated on the commission from time to time.)
Until completion of the commission and payment, the artwork will belong to Voroxzii. If artwork is used before completion and full payment, you will be subjected
to copyright infringement. My commissions are not intended only for personal use, and are not permitted for commercial use. You may not reproduce/use this artwork for commercial use. This includes, but is not limited to, being used in blockchain related technologies, including non fungible tokens.
If not satisfied with the finished piece, minor adjustments are allowed
(Major adjustments are $5 per hour), continuing service.


Looking for more examples? Consider checking out my portfolio!

My work can come in a variety of styles (i.e. brushes, rendering style), so feel free to clarify what type of style you're looking for.


These are pretty straightforward.
You send me what character/characters you would like drawn and work from there.


Animated icons of whatever character you would like!
Price is determined by level of complexity in the character design and the movement requested.

Slots 2/3

Pencil Illustration

I will sketch a character of your choice!
These are very refined and cleaned up pencil drawings, and will not be colored!
Set price of $30
Added characters: +$10
Grayscale Fills are optional! Free of charge.
(They will not be colored, and will not include complex backgrounds.)

© Voroxzii


My finished commission/paid illustration work!If you would like to commission me, consider checking out my information here!

© Voroxzii

Fan Art

I often create lots of work to show my love and appreciation for certain media and properties.
The characters in these works do not belong to me!

© Voroxzii

Original Art

Original works with original ideas or characters of my own.
None of these characters belong to other people or other properties.

© Voroxzii


Animated projects I've worked on, or original animations of my own. Animations vary from simple movements, to full on animated projects.

© Voroxzii